Vionic Orthotic 3/4 Sole

By Vionic

These are a podiatrist-designed alternative to custom-made orthotics. We stock a range of Vionic shoes and many of our customers loved the sole and the support given with their specialist insoles. These soles mean you can have that extra support in any shoes that you are able to insert an insole into. Some shoes now come with a removable insole so that can be replaced by something like this. These are clinically proven to reduce excess pronation, a contributing factor to flat feet. Please see below for the recommended sizing.

Size XS fits - UK Shoe Size 3-4.5

Size S fits - UK Shoe Size 5-6.5

Size M fits - UK Shoe Size 7-8.5

Key points;

  • Offer a convenient, pain-free natural healing solution for many of the common aches and pains associated with poor lower limb alignment.
  • Clinically proven to reduce excess pronation - a contributing factor to flat feet.
  • Designed for everyday use - provides moderate control and support in workout or cross-training shoes, walking or casual hiking shoes, work shoes and boots.
  • EVA orthotic with Tri-Planar Motion Control technology to help stabilise, support and realign the feet back to their natural (neutral) position.
  • 4-degree rear-foot wedge to provide support and control.
  • Contoured around the heel and arch areas to achieve complete foot contact.
  • EcoFresh anti bacterial odour absorbing cover.
  • Cushioned shock dot in the heel for added shock absorption