Vionic Amber Sandal

By Vionic

This sandal has four points of adjustability which means it fits you perfectly whenever you wear it. In a useful metallic colourway with pretty details it is a very versatile style and the EVA sole provides that much-needed support on busy days. The centre strap can be removed if you wish to change the look or fit of the sandal. 

Vionic believe that no matter what shoes you are wearing your feet should feel as great as they look. Their collection features innovative podiatrist-designed FMT Technology that provides superior orthotic support, relief and stability which helps realign the feet back to their natural position. Research supports FMT Technology success in reducing over-pronation, which can help relieve associated common aches and pains, such as heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain.

For the greatest comfort, we recommend wearing your new VIONIC footwear for just a few hours for the first few days to allow your feet to adjust to the new level of orthotic comfort and support. Within one to two weeks you should find the product completely comfortable and supportive