Who do we buy our shoes from?

No, this is not a trick question - obviously mum and I and everyone who works for us get their shoes from Finale! But where does Finale get its shoes from…

We buy from a variety of different brands, this is important to us because it means we have a wide range and lots of choice for you; our customers. Most seasons we purchase from over 20 brands which is quite a lot for a small shop, each of these brands bring a different style, look or story to Finale. As I have told you before our main buying trips take place twice a year and we normally complete three or four trips to different places; London, Milan, Paris and Birmingham, each brand has to be looked at carefully and the best styles selected. We also have some brands come to visit us at the shop bringing the collection to us to view, this is harder as it has to take place after opening hours and if you have ever visited us you will understand that space is always short in our shop (too many lovely shoes and handbags - maybe!)

When we visit each brand we work very closely with their representative, these representatives are really important to us as they provide important information about the brand, styles, new technology in the shoes and the ordering details. They are also our point of contact throughout the season for any re-orders and enquires, so a good relationship is crucial.

We have become great friends with many of our brand representatives and love catching up with them each season, many have visited the shop to see us and have a look around Corbridge. We appreciate them and hope they enjoy selling us shoes as much as we enjoy selling their shoes to our customers. I have popped a couple of pictures on for you to see who some of the people behind the scenes from are of some of our brands. 

Lynn and Johnny from Hogl Shoes    Lynn and Ewan from Bugatti    Euroleathers Team  

I hope everyone is looking forward to the official start of Spring on the 20th March, I know we are after the awful snow and rainy weather we have had recently. The shop is full of wonderful styles to help us get our new season wardrobes ready, I have also popped quite a few of the new styles on the website too.

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See you all soon for spring and summer shoes…

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