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A recent interview I did for BIPC Newcastle as part of their High Street Heros Instagram series and my top piece of advice...

Our first 2021 #HighstreetHero is @bipcnewcastle business, @finaleshoes.
“My mum purchased Finale after the old owner retired. We now stock a bigger range of styles & a larger price selection. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service & knowing everything we can about our footwear. We do all the buying & have close relationships with the brands we stock to ensure the best for our customers.
My mum’s had Finale for 16 years & I joined to help out on a temp basis 7 years ago & have never looked back. My mum worked in fashion when I was growing up, so I feel it’s like coming home working alongside her in the shop. Currently, I’m constantly trying to improve my skills in areas such as marketing & website management as these are fast-moving areas where you can’t stop moving with the times.
We’re hoping 2021 is much better than 2020! Having to be closed for so long meant we really had to focus on our online presence & make sure our marketing was getting our message across to our current & potential customers. We want to keep that relationship going by sharing news on our social media on a regular basis.
I found the BIPC through their marketing expert, @chloe_bumbleandbloommedia, who I worked with briefly when I very first joined Finale. I jumped at the chance to utilise her skills while we were in the first lockdown to improve my social media marketing. Chloe looked with a critical eye at what I was already doing, helped me to re-focus my efforts in the right places & virtually held my hand while I implemented my first paid for ad campaign.
The best piece of business advice I’ve been given is ‘you do you’. As someone without formal training in the industry, I suffered terribly with imposter syndrome & sometimes still do. This year has been the most challenging year of my life but I try to remember that as long as I’m doing ‘me’ I’m trying my best for both myself & the business.
I read to switch off. I love @maryportasofficial, Shop Girl. I have a signed copy after I met her at a book event & she told me she loved my boots - it was a true fangirl moment when I told her they were from my shop."

Interview taken from BIPC Instagram.

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