Let's talk sandals... I love the sunshine and it is great to see everyone enjoying it but let's remember our feet! When they get warm they need some TLC and that starts with wearing the right footwear! One quick way to spoil a sunny day out is by having sore feet so here are a few things to think about.

- Sandals should have support for your feet just like other shoes

- Wearing paper-thin soles will always be uncomfortable

- Very flat sandals are not often the most comfortable, especially for those that have experienced any foot issues previously

- A soft sole with some padding and a nice surface under your warm feet will always feel better

- Check the linings of your sandals are soft and won't rub

- There are options for those who wear orthotics/ soles as some sandals have built-in arch supports etc

- Just like the rest of the year - wearing the same shoes every day is not the best option for your feet

- My old favourite - sprinkle some baby powder/ talc into your shoes on a hot day and your feet will always appreciate it.

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