It's that time of year again, the save the dates and invites are pouring through the door - it must be wedding season!

I wanted to write this blog as we get lots of ladies in the shop looking for shoes, handbags and accessories to match the lovely outfits they have purchased or are about to purchase. We have a wealth of experience in helping our customers find that perfect ‘finale’ to their outfits.

When choosing outfits for a wedding or any special occasion just remember that although shoes come in all different colours that does not mean you will find a comfortable pair that will be suitable for your feet in a sky blue with pink dots on or anything similar!

We always suggest that you try and get a pair of shoes that you will feel happy in, that will be comfortable, that will compliment your outfit but also that you may forget about so you can enjoy the wedding or whatever the occasion may be. It is even better if you can choose a pair that could work with other outfits and that you may wear again in the future.

Uncomfortable shoes or shoes that are too high for you to walk in show in your face - that pained expression cannot be hidden (trust me!)

We love it when customers tell us about the occasion and show us the outfit (not a swatch- it just doesn't work like that!). We also ask about their feet and what works for them which is the most important.

The best part of it all is when the perfect pair finds the perfect match and you just know that it's all going to be wonderful!

A few of my favourite occasion wear styles for this season are pictured below with their links and I also love the Peter Kaiser Red peep toes shown in the main picture too;

To finish off these are my top tips;
- don't save the shoes for the big occasion, wear them in a bit around the house - doing the ironing in them is always great
- when you go to buy the shoes wear on your legs/feet what you will be wearing on the day e.g stockings, bare feet, tights etc
- remember people won't be looking at your feet and unless it's your wedding you're not the main attraction - so be comfortable so you can enjoy everything about the occasion

So have a glass of something bubbly and dance the night away whatever occasions you're attending this season,

Until next time, 

April 17, 2018 — Faye .

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