Staff New Season choices….

Can you imagine working in Finale and being surrounded by shoes and handbags all day long then having to watch people try them on and look fabulous in them! It is always one of the questions we are asked most often - how do you choose what to have for yourselves each season and what to wear to work?

At the beginning of every season, it is such fun choosing our new styles and it involves lots of trying on. We all have slightly different tastes so we don’t often choose the same pairs although sometimes we do and come to work dressed very similar which always causes some giggles.

These are a few pictures of the styles we picked at the beginning of this season and what we have been wearing - some are now sold out which often happens when we wear them for work as people spot them and love them!

Can you guess who chose what by the pictures?

1. This lady prefers shoes to sandals...

2. Black is her favourite colour no matter what the season is...

3. A carefully chosen selection here for this lady...

4. Into sandals as soon as the sun shines is this lady's mantra...

5. Two to keep her feet warm and only one with toes out for this lady...

Happy shoe wearing whatever you have on your feet today!


1. The big boss - Lynn

2. Faye - loves black and hiding her toes

3. Alison - carefully picks a selection to match her wardrobe perfectly

4.Gaynor - adores the sunshine and sandals

5. Diane - 40 years living in Malta means she feels the cold here.

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