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Finale are award winners! Fashion Independent Footwear Retailer of the Year 2019

Finale are award winners! Fashion Independent Footwear Retailer of the Year 2019

We recently won an award which was a huge surprise but also fantastic news for us all at Finale and our customers too. This is the article written by Ian Wylie with all the details that appeared in our local magazine;

Top National Award For Northumberland Village Shop

Cluster of Corbridge independent businesses thriving despite national High Street trend.

A village shop in Northumberland at the heart and ‘sole’ of the local community has won a top national award.

Finale Shoes and Accessories of Corbridge was named Fashion Independent Footwear Retailer of the Year at the 2019 Footwear Industry Awards in Birmingham.

Confessions of a shoe seller - Winter Sale

Confessions of a shoe seller - Winter Sale

Winter Sale Time

Hello, and I hope you had a great Christmas!

 The festive period is always a bit crazy and hectic for us as anyone who works in retail (or hospitality or healthcare for that matter) will know. We love it but it is very busy! However we survived the festive madness, Corbridge was looking wonderful with all the lights and Christmas windows, the Christmas Tree festival was even better and we had more visitors to Corbridge on our late night shopping event than ever before!

 And then comes the WINTER SALE!

We have always stuck to the traditional sale times of Winter and Summer, having two sales a year means our customers get a genuine bargain and enjoy sale shopping the way it’s meant to be. Hunting out good selections for customers at sale time is harder as we always have very limited sizes but that makes it challenging and keeps us working hard (especially good after the Christmas food overindulgence)!

I have a few sale tips that may help you enjoy your sale shopping and avoid those never worn buys that lurk in the back of your wardrobe making you feel guilty!

  • Remember that we still have a few months of cold weather to go so if you spot a good winter boot in the sales snap it up, you will get to wear it now and then it can be packed away ready for next winter.
  • Only buy things that fit - leather will ‘soften’ around your feet and shape to fit you if it is snug around your foot but a shoe will never grow any longer so it is not a bargain if your toes are hitting the end!
  • Buy classic styles such as shoe boots, Chelsea boots, ankle boots, black shoes as these will be fine for next season too rather than very trend led styles that may not be in ‘fashion’ next Autumn/Winter season.
  • Take advantage of reductions on accessories such as handbags, jewellery and scarves - these are often not as ‘seasonal’ as other items and will be suitable for any season.
  • If you go into a store and they have lots of sale items that you have never seen before - be aware! Unfortunately ‘fake’ sales are not uncommon now and items being produced specifically for sales happens more and more now. These are often not real bargains and you will probably find their quality not as great as it should be!
  • Only buy things you love … this is my real sale mantra - do you love it should come first closely followed by will you wear it and does it fit! Sometimes going away and having a coffee and a cake can give you clarity but don’t blame me if someone else snaps it up!

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Happy Sale Shopping everyone,

This Months 'Shoesletter'...

This Months 'Shoesletter'...

Baby its cold outside...

Well despite a mild start it seems we are finally having a 'proper' Winter - I am really pleased. I love wrapping up in scarves and gloves with boots on and I don't want to be having cold drinks instead of a gorgeous hot chocolate because it's too warm outside!
Finale Shoes Blog Autumn/Winter Photoshoot

Photo shoot for the Autumn/Winter collections

The shoes and boots always look lovely in the shop but it’s nice to have images of them on feet and in different locations too, this helps people imagine how they will fit into their wardrobes and lifestyles. So every season we do a photo shoot, this is one of these things that sounds very glamorous but is actually something we spend ages planning and is pretty hard work but very worth it when you get the shots at the end! 


Confessions of a shoe seller - It's Summer sale time

Confessions of a shoe seller - It's Summer sale time

Wow, this weather really has been glorious these last few weeks in Northumberland and I have enjoyed seeing everyone making the most of the great outdoors and welcoming lots of new visitors to Corbridge.

It's summer sale time now for us. We only have two sales a year so they are always pretty spectacular and our customers love them nearly as much as we love making space for all the new stock as everything gets sold!

Confessions of a shoe seller - How do you choose what to wear when you work in a shoe shop?

Confessions of a shoe seller - How do you choose what to wear when you work in a shoe shop?

Can you imagine working in Finale and being surrounded by shoes and handbags all day long then having to watch people try them on and look fabulous in them! It is always one of the questions we are asked most often - how do you choose what to have for yourselves each season and what to wear to work?